New Relms for Eyes & Antenas

"Sea of Aire" Acrylic on Wood
Arent we all?
Cant get to the innermost center of you onion without peeling your layers.
Keep looking for blind spots and smoothing bumps in the road.
Its a portal to disintegrating a layer; shedding of skin: initiation. Who was I yesterday? Who am I today? who am I tomorrow? Who do I think I am and which me can wholly see all of of me? Climb a tree…my child’s eye is pleased. Climb a mountain: my perspective is humbled. Dive into the ocean of everything. Till you feel no separation. Feel the immersion. Motherships heart overfloweth.
a homie collab
"Sea of Aire" Acrylic on Wood
“Sea of Aire”
Acrylic on Wood (2 pieces)
“Which View it’s Up to You” Painting about Perspective. Spray paint and Acrylic.
“Healthy Bright Aura” acrylic on bass drum head

“Productivity” or “Calling it in” acrylic painting from a Creativity in Cascadea Art Session with Kayla Cabe in Seattle
“All About the Music” 2.0 repaint in progress of the original painted in Detroit. Original Painting location not known.



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