New House! New Friends!

Me & Kayla are in an art directory book! See pic.

I moved to a new house (:(: And Amy came over & helped arrange all the furniture. It took hours.

I’ve been playing with Igor on violin & Brian on bass! We are playing Tuesday at Cafe Racer! This is a wonderful sweet thing!

I am working on building up my routine again. Tonight I am staying out at Amy’s in Newcastle. We have been having a workparty/ dinner party. And I learned to play Eukre cause both these lovelies are from Michigan.

I am feeling wayyyy more inspired on working on my projects. I also want to totally get back into my early morning routine. I feel like ALL the right influences are coming my way to get it going. Definitely on the UpSwing <3

Author: Anna

Hello, I share my ideas and observations here about ways to make our planet home ever sweeter. I am totally open to discussions & projects artistic, humanitarian, innovative, musical so hit me up if you want to collaborate on something cool!

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