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I wanna play games & laugh with the beauties here. wow. #poetry

Sk8 night tonight at El Castillo

Twitter did this today, so I posted my poem on my own site. Si se puede comrades!

We’re for sale on twitter, I dare say. Freedom of Information. Free sharing, more voices. New Economic Order, Not so much for sale. Patreons. Amen.


Anna Thoreau, quest for a New World, from Cascadia rainforest in the mystical PNW


The Plebs

Dev life is flexin because in Seattle, if you can work remote here then you are. And the rest of us who’s jobs involved mixing better go online to be rustle up them duckets.

What a great time to be flexing the etsy store and finally building that app that I’ve been dreaming of dropping from my site. And Youtube channel Creativity in Cascadia.

Remote Life
Remote Life
Remote Life 2
Remote Life 2


New House! New Friends!

Me & Kayla are in an art directory book! See pic.

I moved to a new house (:(: And Amy came over & helped arrange all the furniture. It took hours.

I’ve been playing with Igor on violin & Brian on bass! We are playing Tuesday at Cafe Racer! This is a wonderful sweet thing!

I am working on building up my routine again. Tonight I am staying out at Amy’s in Newcastle. We have been having a workparty/ dinner party. And I learned to play Eukre cause both these lovelies are from Michigan.

I am feeling wayyyy more inspired on working on my projects. I also want to totally get back into my early morning routine. I feel like ALL the right influences are coming my way to get it going. Definitely on the UpSwing <3

Art Prints – hot off the press!

The 12 days of Christmas are upon us. I printed up some art prints for last minute holiday gift giving (which in my book lasts 12 days- till Jan 6th). I’m selling them out of my busking case in downtown Seattle on Christmas Eve.

Art Prints for Sale
Art Prints for Sale. email me: or via the online socials

They’re 5$ printed on heavyweight card stock & signed by the artist (moi). If you would like to meet me tomorrow & get one please text me: 248-688-0246 & we can meet up around West Lake/Pike Market area. Otherwise, please get in touch: aesdiopod [at] riseup [dot] net, to arrange an online transaction. I can send out an email announcing your gift! As always, thanks for supporting local artists!

Creative in Cascadia

Fall is here, hear the yell…. What’s good in Cascadia is there is a ginormous park by la casa complete with high cliffs, essentially. I am making going there part of my regular routine. It sounds corney but there really is a bounty of wilderness in my backyard. It’s a little hike to get there but then, no one around and it’s pure prana, watch the leaves fall out of the trees peace. Good stuff. Seahawks played on Sunday and I was there to rock the vibe and collect a few tips while I was at it. Follow your bliss internet massive!

New Relms for Eyes & Antenas

Arent we all?
Cant get to the innermost center of you onion without peeling your layers.
Keep looking for blind spots and smoothing bumps in the road.
Its a portal to disintegrating a layer; shedding of skin: initiation. Who was I yesterday? Who am I today? who am I tomorrow? Who do I think I am and which me can wholly see all of of me? Climb a tree…my child’s eye is pleased. Climb a mountain: my perspective is humbled. Dive into the ocean of everything. Till you feel no separation. Feel the immersion. Motherships heart overfloweth.
a homie collab
"Sea of Aire" Acrylic on Wood
“Sea of Aire”
Acrylic on Wood (2 pieces)
“Which View it’s Up to You” Painting about Perspective. Spray paint and Acrylic.
“Healthy Bright Aura” acrylic on bass drum head

“Productivity” or “Calling it in” acrylic painting from a Creativity in Cascadea Art Session with Kayla Cabe in Seattle
“All About the Music” 2.0 repaint in progress of the original painted in Detroit. Original Painting location not known.



Areal View

I have written a handful of songs so far living in Seattle, one is called “Areal View” and here is a painting that I did in the spirit of that tune. It’s about getting some distance on any troubling feeling and steering one’s mind more toward the ZONE.

My band is Pixie Dust (aka Touched with Fire), but Pixie Dust is shining through more than ever as of late.

More works coming soon! I have a new amazing workspace that it took a while to build up just right– So grateful for that!

Areal View art for a song
Areal View art by: Anna Thoreau for the original song by Pixie Dust by the same title

May Flowers Art Show

First Thursday in May was good times at Statix Gallery in the Pioneer Square artsy neighborhood of Seattle. The Drawnk group show did not disappoint. Much inspiration was found at this show and is up for the whole month of May. Definitely much inspiration to be found at this show! Locals, Statix is open everyday 12-6pm on Washington Street in Pioneer Square. Come thru!

Anna & Kayla at art reception
Anna & Kayla at art reception
"Budding Love" by Anna Thoreau at The Drawnk art show at Statix
“Budding Love” by Anna Thoreau at The Drawnk art show at Statix
"Hold On" by Kayla Cabe by the Dandilion
“Hold On” by Kayla Cabe by the Dandilion
Flower paintings at Statix on First Thursday
Flower paintings at Statix on First Thursday
Anna with Budding Love
Anna with Budding Love
Having Fun
Having Fun with buddy Tom
Inner Sights
Inner Sights
So much creativity in Cascadea
So much creativity in Cascadea