Project Season

I joined a new app to find collaborators in Cascadia. I’ll report about how good it works for me and vice versa, called Shapr.

Also joined a team to work on an app/site/media for Taming Bigfoot, a contest in the Seattle area (total leading city in prototyping/activating the clean energy movement). My bandmate & I were talking on the bus the other day, if you want to help things be better, in this case healthier environment, go find the others who are already doing that and help them… et voila.

Taming Bigfoot logo
Contest to reduce your personal carbon footprint.

We’re on our way & we got that fire. It’s more than a start, it’s a fire!

Rise Up! Action Band played at the 350 Seattle fundraising shindig last night. It was a blast, if you are into helping the planet transition to clean energy, water, food, & fuel, aire like I am go check out 350 in your area & get on board they/we are making good waves. Keep the Oil in the Soil!!

350 - Keep the Oil in the Soiil!
350 – Keep the Oil in the Soiil!


flute love
flute love

Music house life is pretty damn sweeeeet! Happy holiday time internet massive!

more flute love
more flute love

Basphite has been working on an album to sell out of the case. I’m so pumped about this project!

And I’ve been on a quest for 100 subscribers on Youtube “Creativity in Cascadia” so I can unlock more features to start. I’m posting a lot of videos on there, getting a good flow on. Creativity will save the world!

And THIS WEEKEND Seattle paintings by Anna Thoreau are up at The Underground club in Pioneer Square for your third eye’s pleasure, and for purchase, make me an offer!

Paintings by Anna Thoreau
Paintings by Anna Thoreau at The Underground


Rise Up! Action Band is a new rally band in Seattle, who’s mascot is an Action Crab and comes out to support the Marches for solidarity, the cause, and righteous vibe. Coming to May day workers rights next. Power to the People!

“We gather together to play music and perform at resistance events. We use music, chanting, dancing, and performance to amplify the uproar made by the thousands of people enduring and witnessing injustices in our communities. We do this for the oppressed and voiceless, and for the betterment of all people. We create more than music, we create solidarity. We are Rise Up! Action Band.”


Rise Up! Action Band playing Bill Nye the Science Guy at Seattle March for Science Saturday.

Pinch the Patriarchy!

Rise Up! Action Band. Action Crab Mascot. Rally Band for the People
Rise Up! Action Band. Action Crab Mascot. Rally Band for the People