my wounds will start to heal

he smiled at me as i came out of “the holy moment” his eyes stayed right on mine and my wounds softened and faded farther down, he helped heal me just by looking so much like you.

my head throbbed all day and she caught me in her arms as i landed back down, again, on terra firma in the sun, by your house she feels it, too she lives by you and he has your name too and his sorta smile felt good today riding into the rising sun the setting sun…. i faced it, i must feel safe, i must be safe….

i sang to you, i was threatened today, i said ‘HAH’ an found a new jamming buddy and rocked groovy beats, i made my own spot, spots all the green paper swirrerled around me in the gentle tiny breeze as i transcended an eddy storm and found hearts, watch me as i levitate hahahahahaaaaah

dont stop get it get it, we are the captains in it watch me as i levitate hah hah ha ha haaaah

IMG_4105 IMG_4112IMG_4116

Author: Anna

Hello, I share my ideas and observations here about ways to make our planet home ever sweeter. I am totally open to discussions & projects artistic, humanitarian, innovative, musical so hit me up if you want to collaborate on something cool!

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