Octopus Mural

Been having a swimmingly good time painting octopus tentacles to decorate a sailboat in Shilshole Marina in Ballard.

Anna Thoreau paintbrush in hand
Anna Thoreau paintbrush in hand

It’s an amazing project & I’m thrilled with the opportunity to collaborate & execute. The first mural wraps around the mast. There are two more paintings that decorate the ceiling of the main sleeping cabin & entryway.

So much opportunity for creative visual expression on one of my favorite themes “The Sea”; “El Mar” definitely with a touch of whimsy & lots of room for imagination. Will post more pics as the project evolves. As it turns out, I was just swimming in the ocean with my bud yesterday, playing around in the waves with a surfboard around Westport. It was invigorating to be sure!

Westport, Wa Seashore image
Weekend Getaway to the Seashore. Love the PNW!

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