unexpected catharsis from my Detroit ptsd

Hi, maybe that headline is a weebit dramatic, but I still feel unexpectedly better after a conversation that I had last night after my bi-weekly aerobix class at Trumbleplex….

I met this French traveler and we struck up this conversation and I told her how I used to live in this really poverty stricken neighborhood of Detroit and she just got it, she was like yeah, it’s like when a rich person moves to a poverty sticken country and the people there just descend upon them, yes, that is totally what happened to me, and it was rough until I moved out of there, to New Center. And now, I am pretty much over it, but I told her how it did something to me that I don’t think I will ever lose, some kind of compassionate quality that I got now, I mean, I was pretty compassionate before but it goes deep now.

Well! I’m off to JavaScript class now at Grand Circus, totally pumped to take this class! My friend Jeseekia is teaching it, and she is so smart and code savvy and creative! Peace ya’ll!

Java Script Class tonight YES!!!!
Java Script Class tonight YES!!!!

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