We Have to Help Them!

This morning, just now I went downstairs to take down the recycling, and there is this man in his sleeping bag with his back up against the car port of our apartments camped out and just waking.

I live in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle, Washington.

We have to help these people, this is some spooky sh****T. These are the things that really matter. Let’s just launch ONE government/ business sponsored campaign at a time. Just ONE. And succeed at it, and we can go from there. This one could be to help these people off the street in a humane fashion. Expand your mind, it can be PROFITABLE……expand the definition of the word ‘profitable’.

The design and activation can be a fun contest with prizes. Think of the copious- jobs this program will create. And all the fun graphics and branding and PSAs we can flex our talents creating…… What!?

Open sourced design creative commons license bring the whole family do something awesome that will help all of us, because when profuse humans are camping out on the streets, it ain’t good for none of us.

Can I get an Amen.

#Np: Gangstah Rap, Notorious B.I.G.

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Have a really nice day everyone. Be grateful you have a comfy bed. And if you don’t, be strong, you will soon <3

Collective Chemistry Freelancer Co-workspace

Word the internet massive.

Greetings from Downtown Seattle, where the landscape is changing fast. Lots of influx, and for this renegade freelancer, a great spot to start knocking out projects. Such an epic productive creative vibe at Collective Chemistry.

Creative Co-Workspace "Collective Chemistry"
Creative Co-Workspace “Collective Chemistry” in Downtown Seattle 3rd Avenue

It’s a coworking space for digital, creative people. Most notably, a space for filmmakers, producers, cinematographers, editors, graphic designers, etc. Basically, it’s a place where you can learn from folks in a similar industry, support one another as freelancers, hire each other for gigs, attend workshops, and generally thrive as an independent creative. So much more than a hip, centrally located place to sit and work on your computer; it’s an investment in the business of you!

Collective Chemistry Logo
Collective Chemistry Logo

Pretty nice.

Photo by: Anna Thoreau

Blink 182 at Key Arena & Impressions

The Blink 182 show was amazaVIBES!

I didn’t have a ticket but I showed up outside and when the doors would open huuuge clouds of BLINK VIBES wooshed out into the patio of Key Arena in Seattle Center. The Mariners were playing last night too, and I was at SafeCo drumming when my buddy the ginger pedicab driver told me about the show. I’m pumped that I hit up the Blink 182 show. Not to be missed, oh no.

Then this morning I was checking out the show on the Instagram feed, it really tied together my random outside encounters with the whole picture. Like this kid who was pretty upset for being “the only one who got kicked out for crowd-surfing” He wanted to send a message to his friend inside using my facebook acct. I guess his phone was still inside. I couldn’t help because my droid is a hot spot only device. And there was no Wifi outside the show.

I saw the same crowd from the stage this morning on Instagram, and of course as they emptied out into Seattle Center I was in it, I wanted a shirt, but the merch tables were all inside and guarded pretty fiercely– I guess. Enough to keep me away at least, as it were.

Seattle Music Collage by: Anna Thoreau
Seattle Music Collage by: Anna Thoreau Vive la Revolucion!

Heck Yeah Blink Lit Up Seattle Center with their fans and and electric current pumping out of the the Key Arena. I encountered many crowds last night, and pedicab drivers. Seattle was poppin, it was good bike riding. And…

There are a lot of people that live on the street here in Seattle. Copious sidewalk campers, and hella tent villages. It’s actually….. yeah. We have to help them. Ideas and Activation. There are madd resources. The Gates Foundation is here, and so much more. This morning I was riding around in Occidental Square— I have a crash spot in Pioneer Square so I can be out and about downtown (quite possibly my fav part of the city) hella early– and, there was a free outside store event in the Square with all these clothes and bananas and bedding, and such– nice stuff. And good branding and signage. No doubt a well funded community event, I rolled up and was like ‘sweet jackets on that rack’. But the line was all around the square. And the vibe was a little spooky too. So I kept moving. But yea, MUCH need here, much help and further to go…

And then this morning at Zeitgeist coffee, this brother was standing outside the cafe screaming, first we couldn’t see him, then he came into view. It was so early at that point that I could imagine practically seeing a big black dragon, filling half the street that he was screaming at. And then he moved on, and croissants were served and the beat goes on. We’re all in this together, this is how your garden grows.

Seattle Groove

Livepainting. Jams, beats & good grooves.

I’ve started livepainting at the Nectar Lounge
–super groovy artsy spot. It’s cool because I can paint and also join in on the jam sesh, and dance it up. Whole lotta healthy stimulation.

Anna Thoreau
Anna Thoreau livepainting in Freemont at Nectar Lounge on MoJam Mondays



like a moth to
the light of affection
mothy me
compelled flapping wings
bouncing off

Does Live Art Have to be Experienced Live?

I just moved to Seattle and I’m working with a friend who’s curating a live week long art show starting the first week of August, and I’m pumped to see it come together…. It’s all happening Aug 4-27 @ SOIL gallery.

The performance series runs August 5-7, 11am-11pm, with the themes Body, Risk, and Future. The gallery will host a noontime meal each of the three days, after which will be discussions, based on the day’s theme. In the afternoons and evenings are a full schedule of performances.

Does Live Art Have to be Experienced Live? Poster
Does Live Art Have to be Experienced Live? Seattle Happening Aug. 4-27 @SOIL

I’m planning on having a blast doing some docu-photography during the grandiose event festivities. Live Art is risky, it is in the moment, it can be unpredictable, inspirational, and confrontational, should be some unexpected.

The exhibition continues for the month of August. Some pieces will develop from the performances of the opening weekend. They all explore alternative ways of documenting Live Art. How do these documentary artworks illuminate the original performance? The questions are asked to explore what’s wrapped up in Live Art, from the making of a performance, to the experience in the moment, and the reaction that comes afterwards. Schedule & Performance info here.

And I’m having an amazing time exploring the city in a find housing montage. I have a good feeling though, and I found the dopest Coffee House across the street from an open mic that’s every Sat. night, that’s tomorrow. Scoping out the busking sitch as well.

checkin out the busking sitch

There’s also a free music festival, Tuf fest this weekend. I love this city, it’s fresh, and I miss my friends & my cat Cosmic. And I’m really happy with the new buds here, and friends that live here. Peace.

Wall of 100 Makers

Word the internet massive.

This is a really special installation, from the art to the concept of activation to the artists, makers, and inventors that were lucky enough to be included, to the city that they represent to the Civilla fellows that brought it to life, to the start-up that made it possible: Romina Hausmann and Rachael Carson are the main founders and designers of the art installation, and are currently in development for an even bigger venue in Detroit for the unique group exhibition.

“The Wall of 1oo Makers” is an awesome artistic 3D experience on display for the next four weeks at Civilla Detroit, check it out if you get a chance starting on Monday June 6th, 440 Burroughs in Midtown.

Wall of 100 Makers
Wall of 100 Makers

I have a painting in the show and my friend Amy has a cool wood-cutout made from a re-purposed skateboard deck.

Here’s another pic from the opening. The show opened at Masonic Temple in downtown Detroit on the same day that Startup Week kicked off, good times, there sure is a lotta amazing cooking up out of Detroit, just sayin.

Amy Hang & Anna Thoreau at the opening of "Wall of 100 Makers"
Amy Hang & Anna Thoreau at the opening of “Wall of 100 Makers”

What’s good

Aesdiopod Designs  has a lot of graphics up on FB for now……..

Innovative Repurpose Design
Glad to be a part of the awesome vibes at Civilla center for human centered design

So happy to be a part of all the innovation and designing crankin out of Civilla in Midtown.

Rumor has it the city is destined to be gifted a National Park, I suggested a creek component, fact is, there is water that runs under the city. How to direct it into a creek that can be enjoyed by the people here sounds like a great objective to add to the mix! Good luck Civilla fellows, buena suerte!

Playspace Music in Mexicantown is also a recent discovery that I am excited to keep up. Their set up is legit and there is a mural that wants paintin……

Also I must say that this very city has a whole lotttta country, so much in fact that Ima bout to ride my board to the park and sit in a tree for alb before I go play drums outside under the sky and just be outside, the lake aire in this Northerntown is invigorating, honestly, I love gorging myself on it.

tree image
From trees we gain perspective they gift us their heights

That is all…..

Peace y’all.

My experience of poverty and maddness

I lived in a poverty stricken neighborhood with all the hood drama that goes with it. This pretty block sported trap houses all up and down the block, tons of neighbors going without running water, or power, and this is in the North, where it gets cold. Helllla prosties all around, so many that a couple of times while I was out riding my bike in the Summer wearing shorts, I was chased down by a fat Arab waving money at me. And crackhead zombies galore taking apart the street-lamps to get copper out or some sellible metal that they can sell and buy crack. Helicopters shining spotlights all over my house and around…..

In the time I lived there, all buncha houses and a store called Family Dollar were burnt down, one house by the cops, I’m 99% sure that’s true– the word on the street was they did it because it was a way too busy trap house that needed to be done. Tons and tons of poverty and desperate behavior. Power theives, that hook up the power into the power box of the house next door, yes that happened to me, ghosts or burglars, angels? not-friends, foes?, butt-faced punks who tagged my yellow house with mean ugly words in green spray-paint.

My house was given a foreclosure notice even tho it in reality wasn’t in foreclosure, thanks City way to be on top of your game using resources super efficiently –notice the glaring sarcasm. A-hole fix-it people mess with the structure of the house by cutting floor joists to fix plumbing– that was a tough problem to get fixed, a joke of a liar handyman who stole money, and didn’t EVEN finish work promised. Yea, and with house budget money stolen by this butt-face, that made getting the repair done a lot more of a challenge.

And of course, I met a lot of awesome people and cool kids, and had an amazing adventure, people are gonna be good and beautiful regardless of circumstances and situations, so naturally there is beauty and good in this too, just, I have to say all this other stuff so it’s out of my soul and my flow and all.

Trash all over– here’s a concept, throw your trash in a can and not on the ground!, attacked, choked, threatened, bitten by a dog.

And why am I writing this because I need it out this minute, I got ptsd from it, not just from it, but mostly. And I am healing myself and I’m trying different things to see what makes me feel better the quickest and leaving it all behind, and release all this so I can move on. I’m outta there after all.

My roommate and I moved out the first day of summer, so it’s been a while. Just got bit by a dog yesterday in my new neighborhood, but other than that, It’s wayyyy better on the West side. Not as sunny, but that poverty and ignorance and angry and poor me vibe that vibes over there on the East side, NOT JUST THAT OBVIOUSLY, but yea, for an empathetic feeler like me, it’s rough to live in that.

It definitely feels like some third world coutry jazz, and really it boils down to poverty. There is soooo much incredible innovation and design and community development going on here in this very city that I am writing about. I work out of a center for social innovation and design, and it’s all about new industry with peoples and society’s needs and wellbeing in mind.

All I am trying to achieve by writing this article today is to promote industry that promotes well adjusted intelligent people with all their needs met. And to let this stuff go, the sun is shining hard today looking all bright and awesome where I work, because we got money here, money, resources, fellows, sponsors, bright minds, soul, innovative thinking and design and people who care about people and a society that cares about people.

One more thing I will mention just because I was talking with my roomie this weekend and I remembered how much this sucked and this also is over—and I’m sooooo glad, what it is I can’t really blame on the subject of this article, BUT, I think I can anyway……

I had this roomate for a minute, that ended up leaving all her stuff at my old house, it’s a big house and her whole last apartment of stuff fit in the house, so when I realized she wasn’t coming back for any of it, I went thru some of it to see what I wanted to keep, and she had this school bag of papers (she is a sub in the public school system here) which from what I understand is feeling the effect of poverty as well. Well, this bag of school papers I dumped out to burn in our wood burner, TOTAL MISTAKE, a cloud of public school germs made a cloud and went into my eyes and I got a hideous eye infection and the house appeared rather contaminated after that, for the months I lived there until I bounced out.

Duuude, can I just say that I am soooo grateful that l met a new friend who is such a coool girl, and she has ptsd too, and just to find a friend who gets where I’m at and cares, sooo soothing.

As always, I am hyping and promoting industry designs that can eliminate poverty, when there is just no reason for it. We have more than enough resources on our planet for everyone, we just have to continue to figure out and deploy industry designs and paradigms that promote community and healthy lifestyle for people and the planet, and get people working on projects that will build up our world and make them feel good about what they are working on, designing, prototyping, activating, etc. Poverty is an ugly stressor, and there are so many amazing ways to shift the human paradigm to one that emphasises the virtues, sharing is caring, it feels good to share, we are doing something about it, we are moving toward human based society, at least as far as I can tell, it’s up to us to keep vibing in this good way, and take it to the next level.

People want to work, but they want to work on cool stuff not a crap job at McDonalds serving up gross GMO deep fried modified foods. It’s up to us to take control of our planet and find common ground with each other, and find ways to evolve and raise our vibe, and stop financially rewarding companies that don’t care about people. Human nature is to love, love is the most valuable thing we have. That’s what people want. Isn’t that what you want? Love makes everything better, love is a life enhancer.

So, now, me thinks I should be wayyy better now having expressed all this. Expression let’s it out. Yay expression, space, healing, and new projects!