Manifesting & Patience Flexin

Greetings. Currently aesdiopod operations are based out of ………. the most amazing artist community live-workshop in South Seattle. But I am seeking a new home, since I am staying in some offices that are meant to be rented out to a company.

I would love to find another rad group like this, who shares food & cooks for everyone. There’s a music room here too, I love playing the drums & piano, and jamming with homies & other friends.

Been happy to update the site. I am turning my attention to: Patreon; Hit Record; & Fivver; & Etsy as well as creating a page on my site to sell prints & other products of my creation.

This vibe here is amazing! I am so grateful I landed here with these beautiful folks. This is living the dream, this is a magik place(:

Art Prints for Sale
Art Prints for Sale. email me: or via the online socials




Sea of Aire

“Sea of Aire”, A painting by: Anna Thoreau, influenced partly by the Portugal The Man song of the same titleĀ is part of the “Wall of 100 Makers” currently touring Detroit art venues. #wallof100makers

Sea of Aire 'painting' by: Anna Thoreau
Sea of Aire by: Anna Thoreau

Sea of Aire is my first painting I did right when I first became friends with one of my besties a rockin Detroit based Artist, and her soul sister. I was totally newb to the art scene and we three exploded that night in a beautiful soulful live-painting session at the Lofts off the Riverwalk close to downtown Detroit. The Diamond D.

It’s pure creativity from the soul of this world. I painted it when I first started busking playing the bucketdrums at the Lions and Tigers games.

Basically, it’s coming into myself as a freelance creative be it music I’m free-styling, writing, painting, or coding it’s pure expression from budding talents and friendship blooming in an hour –the kind that cries, and laughs hysterically and makes your heart grow. There’s a rawness and a vulnerability that has to be present to create works like this.

“Sea of Aire”, is part of the ‘Wall of 100 Makers’ currently touring Detroit art venues. #wallof100makers

Wall of 100 makers” opens again at The Carr Center next month on November 3rd.

Anna Thoreau is a Seattle based freelance creative, musician, muralist, and linux running believer.