Creative in Cascadia

Fall is here, hear the yell…. What’s good in Cascadia is there is a ginormous park by la casa complete with high cliffs, essentially. I am making going there part of my regular routine. It sounds corney but there really is a bounty of wilderness in my backyard. It’s a little hike to get there but then, no one around and it’s pure prana, watch the leaves fall out of the trees peace. Good stuff. Seahawks played on Sunday and I was there to rock the vibe and collect a few tips while I was at it. Follow your bliss internet massive!

Exciting Exciting Change

I started working at the Seattle Farmers Market ftw! LOVE this job!

Today I am listening to Mort by: Terry Pratchett while I pack nearly everything to move to Columbia City this weekend. It’s awesome, the story. Recommendation from my bandmate– love it– so imaginative totally helps with this mundane task of putting everything I own in boxes.

Yesterday I took a ride on the sweetest cruiser, like riding on a cloud before Basphite went playing out at Pacific Place……

I am sooooo glad I found a job where I get to be OUTSIDE and contributing to the economy that sources local foods, that is a winning based economy and I am so grateful to be a part of it. Hype local food, and all hail peace in Korea. This is a good day. Basphite finished mixing our first EP and that will be up on Bandcamp asap! Woot baby woot.

Another radd Seattle happening coming up is Sunset Labs at Beacon Forest Food Farm, ya I’m moving to so near to there, totally looking forward to pitching in there and growing it up.