Manifesting & Patience Flexin

Greetings. Currently aesdiopod operations are based out of ………. the most amazing artist community live-workshop in South Seattle. But I am seeking a new home, since I am staying in some offices that are meant to be rented out to a company.

I would love to find another rad group like this, who shares food & cooks for everyone. There’s a music room here too, I love playing the drums & piano, and jamming with homies & other friends.

Been happy to update the site. I am turning my attention to: Patreon; Hit Record; & Fivver; & Etsy as well as creating a page on my site to sell prints & other products of my creation.

This vibe here is amazing! I am so grateful I landed here with these beautiful folks. This is living the dream, this is a magik place(:

Art Prints for Sale
Art Prints for Sale. email me: or via the online socials