Greetings fellow Creativity Junkies,

I’ve been packed up from Seattle for about 3 days. My old room is now an amazing minimalist aesthetic office/studio and am I loving it.

There is nothing like S P A C E…

It feels very noticibly lighter with all that stuff packed up and not an option to get into. In my next studio I will have a dedicated work room with an ad·ja·cent/əˈjās(ə)nt/ living room space.

It feels easier with so much packed up too, I hardly have any clothes in the closet and drawers. It’s kind of a hard feeling to describe, it’s just a ligher aura, more pure. I’m definitely going to be mindful unloading, I have a feeling I will lighten a bit more before I move completely into the Cali dwelling. I’ll keep exploring this topic on here…..minimalism. Just what you need and love.

I’m wondering about what percentage of my possesions are in that trailer. It’s amazing what fits in there. Most of the furniture is staying here at Sunflower Squad House where my fellow creative crew Kayla @kaylacabeprints and Gaby @gabythebaddie and @aesdiopod while we’re at it(: painted an adorable mural. Peace out for neow Seattle, but the West Coast remains the Best Coast cha.

Now, speaking of creatives, there is a cool project up called @creativesolutionscollective where EVERYTHING gets upcycled, it’s a creative mindset and a lifestyle. Also we talk about using less in the first place. Join us.

And Special Thanks to my honored Patreon subscribers. I try to keep the thank you gifts varied and surprising. Hey reader! Consider subscribing and get interactive about creativity with us!

One more selfie for the road.