Creative Living


What does it mean to live a life based in Creativity? I believe that means you have all kinds of ideas to realize into life including reinventing things and a compulsion to make and share these creations. In my case, I am only truly satisfied when I am creating and sharing what I have created. Some ideas are much bigger than others.

This time around it’s one of the small ideas, I wanted to embellish my kitchen with a pretty flower mini-mural on the cabinets. And it really is a bit of a thrill bringing my idea to life thus far!

Big blossoms comin up!

I’ll post again with the finished result, I’m working on it in the evenings after work so far.

Another way I enjoy expressing my creativity is making an impact to help the world be more sustainable, by reusing packaging and insisting that our own reusable containers be allowed to be used again and again, and that mode become the norm. I was very active with the Sunrise Movement last Spring and Summer. Ultimately I want to influence the system toward sustainable energy, products, food, community, the list goes on and on. I am ever open to collaborations to this end invite you all, dear like-minded friends of the world to continue to believe in a sustainable equitable society in which folks can spend their lives using their gifts to contribute positively to an equitable society that values fellow human, flora, and fauna life. Enjoy the flowers, hug the trees, and bring your own: bottle, cup, utensils, bags, and respect our beautiful life giving oceans. Until next time.