Creative Solutions Collective


Aesdiopod Designs is busy, with a full que. Fuller and busier than ever. Thriving and hiving. A combination of bold moves landed us here working out of Galvanize Seattle (home to many little & bigger companies). And taking part in an amazing entrepreneur program by Success Bully called Summer of Success, plus dedication and stars aligning and an epic mentor named Dan Tyre.

Current projects include: building a new site for a rad local band called Sunbeam Tiger and contributing to building up their image, it’s really fun.

And simultaneously building a new site for a local record store:D in Capitol Hill. Also have a big redesign for Aesdiopod Designs with a lot of cool new functionality. Check back soon. Lots in the works!

Art Bestie Kayla and I also have put our heads together to create the Creative Solutions Collective. Check out our IG page. It’s a 100% a 50/50 collaboration thus far. Hey hey it’s our launch day!

Been putting in a lot of hours to wrangle these projects but eventually the goal is to adjust to a 3-4 day work week.

We’re the Creative Solutions Collective! Join us! @creativesolutionscollective on IG

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