All About the Music by Anna Thoreau

A Reflection on Artworks


Art can comfort, teach, keep us company, energize us and inspire. True art has a spirit and life of its own, which is contributed to by the admirer, appreciator, or the experiencer of the art work regardless of the medium.

Art is a fire, art can make a contribution on its own once it has been realized by the artist into this big blue world! Or, it can just express and be a much needed outlet.

Sublimating is a healthy choice for expression of feelings and emotions especially negative and destructive ones. In this manner, art can live on and make an impact in the world all by itself. This mode of expression, to make artwork, naturally requires discipline and practice in the chosen medium so that the creator can produce via their chosen artistic language.

Art can provide us with healthy distraction, as well as company, or even an often desired/needed escape.

Art is an outlet and can be cathartic and or metaphorical, it can teach, entertain, or both.

I am so grateful for art, by other humans as well as my own. Thank goodness for art, and for style.